Paddington Bear Jr. Will Definitely Steal Your Heart

New puppy mom, Jennifer, lets us know what it’s like to have such an adorable puppy!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @adventuresofpaddingtonpup

When I’m sad I usually do one of two things: watch my favorite KPOP band BTS on YouTube OR watch puppy videos. Without fail, these two things cheer me up even if it’s just for a little bit. You can’t be mad at a puppy (or some talented stars!). Some of my favorite puppies are the tiny ones that look like stuffed animals. You’ve got your usual suspects: Goldens (Doodles or Retrievers), Pomeranians, Bichon Frises, or Teacup anything! When you can get your Poodle in mini, you’re definitely in for a treat.


Credit: Instagram / @adventuresofpaddingtonpup

Mr. Paddington Bear Jr. the pup just started on Instagram this summer. He already has almost 13 thousand followers and when looking at his feed, it becomes obvious why! He’s a Poodle and Cavalier mix and that just means he’s extra fluffy with floppy ears! I personally fell in love with him when he dressed up as a Minion for his first Halloween.

I just had to know more about this pupper, so we reached out to his mom to learn more!

Q. How did you choose Paddington? What made you select his name? It’s so cute!


Credit: Instagram / @adventuresofpaddingtonpup

Jennifer: I chose Paddington because he was the shyest and quietest pup of the litter. Little did I know, his personality would turn out to be completely different from that initial impression. I also loved his light brown coloring and expressive eyes.

As soon as I saw Paddington, I thought that he looked just like a little stuffed bear. I liked the name Paddington prior to meeting him but upon seeing him, I knew that it was the perfect name for him. Although everyone else thought that the name was a little too long, I really loved that it was unique and decided to go with it.

Good choice! ??

What kind of personality does he have? Do you have a favorite story from his younger-puppy days?

Credit: Instagram / @adventuresofpaddingtonpup

Jennifer: Paddington is an extremely adventurous pup with endless amounts of energy. He loves to be involved with all of the activities that are going on around him and is always looking for his next adventure. He is truly fearless – he likes scaling all surfaces, enjoys aquatic activities, and playing in the snow. Paddington also loves meeting new people and is a very friendly pup.

It’s hard to pick one particular story because there is a new funny story with Paddington every day. One of my favorites would be when he decided to climb the windshield of our boat at 35 mph. I was holding onto his leash on the bow of the boat and he decided to hop up on the windshield and ride for awhile, taking in all of the fresh air. Watching him climb the windshield and ride up there was hilarious and just one example of Paddington’s adventurous personality.

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