V Of KPOP Sensation BTS Gets A New Puppy, Yeontan!

The Pomeranian is about the size of V’s foot and already has 4 million views

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Twitter / @AppleMusic

KPOP Band BTS took America by the storm when they came to perform for the American Music Videos this November. Millions of their “ARMY”, an endearing term for their fans, loyally waited for the second to last performance of DNA and the world heard their fan chants. The award show wasn’t their first time in the states; they came and won a Billboard Music Award earlier this year. This 7 member band, a few too many by American boy band standards, have broken records with their album sales and stand 11.5 million strong with their followers on Twitter alone!


Credit: Twitter / @lejindarykimmy

While their music and success is worth noting, there’s other info you may be more interested in. In BTS dog news, Kim Taehyung AKA V brought a new Pomeranian puppy to the BTS home!


Credit: Twitter / @BTS_twt

The precious fluff ball debuted on the official BTS Twitter account on December 17 and as with any other post, the ARMY went crazy and fell in love with the puppy that V named Yeontan, which means coal in Korean. (???)

But if you’re a true ARMY, this would not have been the first time you’ve caught a glance of this little puppy.


Credit: VLive / BTS

When Jin (AKA Mr. Worldwide Handsome), who is the oldest member of the group, had his birthday, you could see V holding little Yeontan by the glass door.


Credit: Instagram / @BTS_twt

V posted three videos of the little poof running around with him around the BTS house and office. The ARMY was quick to point out that Yeontan is about the size of V’s foot!


Credit: Instagram / @BTS_twt

And because of that, the little puppy tripped over V’s foot in one of the three videos we saw. That didn’t stop the little trooper. Yeontan still chases those fingers as fast as possible!


Credit: Tumblr / @mandakkoo

Just like with ANYTHING (I really do mean anything), BTS posts, in a matter of hours, BTS fan accounts across Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr starting creating and sharing content like this drawing!


Credit: Instagram / @bt21_official

That little yellow puppy above, called Chimmy, is BTS member Jimin’s BT21 character for the Korean messaging app, Line Messenger. BTS designed their own characters and now have a variety of products sold in New York and Seoul!


Credit: Tumblr / @mandakkoo

Now, there’s fan art of Yeontan and Chimmy on the Internet that you never thought you needed. ARMY fans are capable of more amazing creations like this art. The YouTube ARMY community provides highly detailed and edited BTS videos to entertain seasoned ARMY members and educates ARMY newcomers.


Credit: Tumblr / @mandakkoo

If a BTS member can post a 15 second video on Twitter of a tiny puppy without any members’ faces and get almost 4 million views, we’re excited to see what they can do with their music in 2018.

Oh and in case you needed it – an ARMY made video of all the videos of Yeontan in one place! Hope you go on a BTS bender!


Credit: Tenor

Will V be the only member to add a new dog to the group this year? We will stay tuned.