The Rose Bowl Winning Bulldogs Have a 62 Pound Good Luck Charm

Georgia’s Mascot Uga X is taking his team to the College Football playoffs

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @ugaathletics

In the U.S. of A,, college sports are huge – as in crowds rivaling and sometimes surpassing professional league attendance huge. In 2016 alone, according to the National College Football statistics, attendance soared just under 50 million attendees for all three divisions. That’s more than the ENTIRE population of Canada! While I am admittedly not a football fan, one college team caught my attention after I caught a glimpse of their sturdy mascot.


Credit: Instagram / @ou_football

Let me set the scene here: the Oklahoma Sooners and the Georgia Bulldogs were the finalists in the 2018 Rose Bowl. After a ridiculous third quarter which began with the Sooners leading 31-17, the Bulldogs came back to score 14 points! Finally, after two overtimes, the Georgia Bulldogs won the game.


Credit: Associated Press / John Bazemore

We’d like to think that their triumph came from the docile and regal mascot Mr. Uga X. Uga X is a part of a 61-year lineage of Ugas. After much investigation, I learned that Uga is short for University of Georgia Athletics (OoooOooh). The four-year-old Bulldog traveled to Los Angeles with his family, the Seilers. His flight was uneventful, but from LAX to his hotel, Uga X stopped at every request for a photo.

Fans waited patiently for Uga X to do his business before asking for a photo. So many people wanted some time with Uga that the hotel bellman offered him the star treatment: taking the service elevator.


Credit: The Washington Post / Chuck Culpepper

Uga X opted to not attend the Tournament of Roses Parade. His packed schedule and responsibilities would already leave him exhausted in a totally different time zone. Georgia’s senior associate athletic director for communications reminded Chris Seiler that there would be a post-anthem military flyover. Chris knew to cover Uga X’s ears since the Bulldog is a not a fan of loud noises.

After the win, Uga did great amongst the celebration! Watch him walk through the crowd with pride!


Credit: The Washington Post / Chuck Culpepper
During The Washington Post Interview, Uga X took a much needed nap!

The Seilers chose Uga X from a cotton farm in Savannah, Georgia. He was on of four candidates, but won the spot of mascot for his docility. And Uga X has taken his role with grace and looks to Chris for approval during his dutiful role of representing the University of Georgia’s football team.

Thanks to Uga X, the Georgia Bulldogs won the semi-finals! It’s all in the dog.