10 Animals Who Mate For Life

Let these love stories inspire even the most hardened of cynics

By The Get Leashed Trends Team

Can true love last?

We’ve just passed some of the biggest romantic holidays of the year with New Year’s Eve and others, and are heading towards the holy grail: Valentine’s Day. For some, these marked days are spent celebrating with friends and loved ones (dogs included) being in love or feeling hopeful, while for others, the holidays may bring about feelings we wish we didn’t have like: “Will it happen for me?”.

In a world of Netflix and chill and online dating swiping horror stories, it would be easy to feel cynical and down on love. This is where we look to the animal kingdom to prove that yes, monogamy can be a natural instinct!  These great love stories remind us that life with a partner can be pretty special, and some of the unlikeliest creatures can form emotional, loving bonds.

Here are 10 Animal Pairs Who Mate For Life:

1. Gray Wolf

Doesn’t this look like a charmer? Alpha males pair up with an alpha female to lead their packs. As it turns out, this duo is the real deal, staying monogamous.

2. Macaroni Penguin

Don’t they look dressed up for a date? These dapper Antarctic dwellers get excited when seeing their mate, reuniting at the same mating location each year. Sadly, their population is considered vulnerable.

3. Bald Eagle

This symbol of freedom turns out to be very progressive when it comes to parenting. Male bald eagles help keep eggs warm, and while mates spend winters apart, breeding season brings them back together. Sweet reunion!

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