Gucci, Michael Kors, & Jimmy Choo Go Fur Free For 2018

Faux is in fashion as major brands end the use of real animal fur

By The Get Leashed Fashion And Style Team

2017 was the year of the Gucci Gang, with the designer brand infiltrating pop culture just about everywhere. If you can’t bring yourself to support a brand who uses fur in their fashion shows and products (ahem, the ubiquitous Gucci fur lined loafers) but can’t get enough of the iconic Gs and horse bits, you’re in luck.

Gucci, along with some other fashion heavy weights, have announced the they will be fur free starting in 2018.

Gucci Gang rejoice!

The brand stated using real fur is “just not modern”. They join fashion icons like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger who have been fur free for years.

Two other big players who committed to the faux route in 2018 are shoe brand Jimmy Choo and everything brand Michael Kors.

Designers like Stella McCartney (whose label is completely vegan) can be thanked for helping to push fashion technology forward and finding new innovations for socially conscious fabrics and materials without sacrificing style. Think new fabrics, more wools, and better, softer, more teddy-like synthetic furs.

Although not all that is faux is faux. Let us explain.

Due to dicey clothing labeling standards, even here in North America, there are real animal furs being sold under the guise they are faux. Sadly, dog and cat fur and other low cost (abhorrent, we agree) animals are used in clothing in place of synthetic fake fur. If you’re unaware these practices happen, please read this. As the consumer, it’s on us to get educated so we can then show our support with our dollars, and be aware of what we are buying. We can also make it known to our local politicians that these labeling standards just don’t cut it.

Photo: Jakke UK

We applaud brands like Gucci and others for making a major change in their manufacturing and hope to see more follow suit this year. Seen above are two faux fur coats from UK brand Jakke, who go as far as emblazoning ‘Faux Real’ on a hot pink coat. Conscious, cheeky, and chic.

Do you feel that fur belongs on animals only? Let us know in the comment section below.