Kitten Krazy, Inc. Celebrates Their 5000th Adoption!

A cat shelter that started operating from a garage never gave up

By Justyne Yuen-Lee

Credit: Facebook / Kitten Krazy, Inc.

At the end of the year, many people like to reflect on the things they accomplished over the past twelve months and look forward to a new year. In the same light, Wendy Mirrotto reflected on the first 7 months of 2004, with the start of Kitten Krazy, Inc. in her garage in Medina, Ohio. On December 23, 2017, Kitten Krazy celebrated its 5000th adoption to Ainsley Culp (pictured above) who adopted a kitten that she named Hope! Kitten Krazy can reflect on this milestone as they continue to thrive in 2018.

Kitten Krazy

Credit: Kitten Krazy, Inc. 

Wendy Mirrotto takes the name “crazy cat lady” with pride. In 2004 she saw a dire need for a cat shelter in Medina, Ohio. After moving from Parma where she volunteered regularly at a local animal shelter, she wanted to continue in Medina. She couldn’t find a shelter, so she started one herself.

Kitten KrazyFB2

Credit: Facebook / Kitten Krazy, Inc.

Kitten Krazy did not have a slow start – word spread and people began surrendering cats to Mirrotto to foster. Being a no-kill, non-profit shelter, Kitten Krazy takes in cats abandoned to veterinarians, cats from Medina SPCA when they have no extra space, and cats that people throw out of cars and other sad means of disposal.

The shelter runs on volunteers and community support. Debbie Andrie is the only paid staff member at Kitten Krazy as the shelter manager. Volunteers foster cats while they wait for their forever homes.

Kitten KrazyFB3

Credit: Facebook / Kitten Krazy, Inc.

Inmates at Grafton Correctional Institution, and at the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction’s Northeast Reintegration Center even foster cats for Kitten Krazy. The inmates foster both kittens and the cats that have “catitude.” The inmates are a part of a program where they earn the right to foster and when the shelter gets the cats back, they are well socialized from all the constant attention!

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