Christina Aguilera Says Goodbye to Her Dog After 17 Years By Her Side

The songstress made the hard decision to put down her beloved Stinky

By The Get Leashed Celeb Team


Credit: Twitter / @AguileraOnline

You may know her (unless you’ve been living under a rock) from her Disney days, Genie in a Bottle breakout, iconic Dirrty and Xtina phase, or as the small but mighty coach on The Voice. What you may not know is that behind the pop powerhouse who can rif like no other, was a furry bff in the form of¬†Papillon dog, Stinky.


Credit: Instagram / @xtina

On Janaury 5th, 2018, Christina Aguilera shared a message with her Instagram followers that she made the difficult choice to put down her best friend, allowing him to run free and with no more misery in doggy heaven. For anyone who has ever loved a senior dog, you can understand the heartbreak.


Credit: Instagram / @xtina

Christina wrote in tribute:

“I had to finally make the hard decision to put my beloved Stinky down last night after an amazing 17 years together! You were my roadie through the tours…breakups…life’s many ups and downs…my 1st baby before I had babies…The one and only forever. RIP, Stinky… Run free and with no more misery”


Credit: Facebook / Christina Aguilera

The post, viewed by almost 600 000 people, showed some rare and intimate photos of the two together, and video throughout the years. Watch the entire tribute here.


Credit: Instagram / @xtina

Fans shared their own stories of losing a pet and offered sympathy to the singer. Our hearts go out to Christina at this difficult time which reminds us, celebrities are only human.