You Need To Follow The “Cutest Pomeranian On The Planet”

Spoiler alert: cute and fluffy are two reasons why!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Tumblr / @cutestpomeraniandog

Do you have a favorite breed that you would sell a little part of your soul for? That breed may already be your pet or, if not, you probably follow more than one account with that breed on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or anything else. For example, I have a few favorite breeds: Samoyeds, Malamutes, and Pomeranians! My social media feeds reflect that – I follow way too many Samoyed accounts. Plus, if you couldn’t already tell, my favorites are usually extra fluffy.


Credit: Tumblr / @cutestpomeraniandog

Pomeranians are a toy breed and a part of my faves because they’re tiny AND fluffy. Samoyeds and Malamutes can be almost as big of me, so that’s a little overwhelming. A Pomeranian can fit in your handbag and look like a ball of fluff running around your home. They are a little yappy though, but with proper training and attention, they are wonderful companions.


Credit: Tumblr / @cutestpomeraniandog

On my ventures across the plains of the Internet, I found this adorable Pomeranian account on Tumblr, aptly named: @cutestpomeraniandog. The whole feed is just photos of two tiny Pomeranians named Mollie and Nellie wearing various outfits and posing with various objects!


Credit: Tumblr / @cutestpomeraniandog

The human behind these posts is Kelli! She originally started the Tumblr for her Pom, Nellie, but Nellie sadly passed at age 7. Soon after, Kelli found Mollie, another gorgeous Pom and started adventures with her! They actually live near Toronto where Get Leashed HQ is. Yay! Kelli graciously agreed to give us a little insight into what it’s like having the cutest Pomeranian on the planet!

Q: How did you meet Mollie?


Credit: Tumblr / @cutestpomeraniandog
Poms prove to be easy to store! (Just kidding, this was just for the photo op!)

Kelli: We had another Pom who we lost at the young age of 7. During those years I had made many Pom contacts, which came in very handy when we began our search for Mollie. We waited a year before deciding to add another family member, but once we decided, our Pom contacts came through and we found our little floof! We adopted Mollie when she was 11 months old and she has been a joy ever since.

Q: Did you always want a Pomeranian?


Credit: Tumblr / @cutestpomeraniandog
Mollie channeling her inner Friday Khalo!

Kelli: Once we decided to get a dog, I did my research and Poms checked off all our boxes.

Those boxes most certainly included: small, cute, and fluffy!

What’s the best trait about Pomeranians?


Credit: Tumblr / @cutestpomeraniandog
Going against all “yappy” stereotypes, Nellie takes a quiet break to enjoy the gorgeous sky!

Kelli: Cute, tiny, fluffy and playful. Really, what else is needed?

I agree, Kelli, I agree!

You describe Mollie as a fluff in constant motion. What’s a typical day with her like?


Credit: Tumblr / @cutestpomeraniandog
How could you not follow this Tumblr after seeing this post?

KelliAs soon as we open our eyes, there is a tiny ball of fluff jumping all over us and licking our faces. Most dogs need to potty or eat immediately. Not Mollie! She wants to play with her favorite toy, a well loved small round squeaky toy we named, Puff. We have to make her take a break to do her morning business and then eat breakfast. It’s then back to “Puffing” before taking her on about a 2 hour walk, marked by lots of sniffing, squirrel and bird chasing, snacks, a combing session, and loads of squeals from passersby. Once back home it’s time for her to play with her interactive board game filled with snacks and follow us around. She frequently grabs cat naps, interspersed with bouts of “vicious” high pitched guard dog barking at all suspicious sounds. Lunch is at noon, then some outdoor “hunting” play in the yard, a short walk, and more Puff play. Often we’ll visit Grandma where Mollie chases the laser light around her condo like the Flash! After dinner, the last walk of the day lasts about an hour. Once that’s done, bedtime! Well, kind of. She still has some Puff energy in her and is always on guard!

Wow, she sure sounds like a handful of energy!

We saw Mollie celebrated New Year’s with some stuffies. Does she like other dogs?


Credit: Tumblr / @cutestpomeraniandog

Kelli: She is partial to other Poms, so we describe her as a bit “Pomist”. Generally, she prefers people over dogs.

Mollie knows where the pats and treats come from!

Would you consider adopting another dog, and if so, would it be another Pom?


Credit: Tumblr / @cutestpomeraniandog
Some dogs get confused and don’t know what to do with themselves when they wear booties. Mollie? Pulling. Them. Off.

Kelli: We would love to have another Pom, but for now, Mollie is definitely enough!

From her photos to knowing what a typical day with her is like, she sounds amazing!

Here are few more photos of Nellie and Mollie that we love!


Credit: Tumblr / @cutestpomeraniandog

We spy with our little eye, two little beady eyes who want some melon to “mysteriously” fall on the ground. Nellie is staring so intently, you could mistake her for a doll!


Credit: Tumblr / @cutestpomeraniandog

Look familiar? Nellie got to meet Cesar Millan! He’s the dog expert who helped Kim K with her Pomeranian, Sushi, and Zendaya with her Miniature Schnauzer, Noon!


Credit: Tumblr / @cutestpomeraniandog

And for dinner tonight, we’ll be having a little Pom-pot-cutie-pie! Nellie sure knew how to insert herself into anything her mommy did!


Credit: Tumblr / @cutestpomeraniandog

Mollie knew Christmas ain’t no thang when you’re this cute. She can get anything with that big smile and fluffy body!


Credit: Tumblr / @cutestpomeraniandog

Get Leashed would like to thank Kelli for answering all of our questions about her cute Pomeranians! Be sure to check out our fellow Canadian Pomeranian on Tumblr!