10 “Round Boys”: The Internet’s Newest Cute Animal Trend!

New popular Twitter account shows cute comes in all sizes, textures, and one shape: round!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Twitter / @round_boys

The pets we love come in all different shapes and sizes. From “long-bois” AKA Greyhounds to “loaves” AKA Corgis, puppers come in whatever size, length, and fluff one could imagine. We love all doggies no matter what they look like, but if you’re looking to appreciate a specific type – fluffy, long, yappy, tiny – you can probably find a social media account for that. If you were specifically looking for round animals, there’s a Twitter for that too!

@Round_Boys is a Twitter account that posts photos of animals dedicated to only one attribute: their roundness. It’s not just dogs that they feature – there are all kinds of animals that are round. You never knew you needed all these “round boys” until now!

Let’s check out some round boys. Prepare your hearts!

10. The Cinnamon Roll


Credit: Twitter / @round_boys

We’ve already established why kitties like to curl in weird positions, and they usually sit in perfectly round circles. This kitty’s markings makes him look like a delicious, albeit fluffy, cinnamon roll!

9. The Fashionable Pom-Pom


Credit: Twitter / @round_boys

Pomeranians have versatile fur which allows for creative grooming. This Pom is totally groomed to be super round and super fab. Let’s see you work those Louboutins!

8. The Teddy Bear Impostor


Credit: Twitter / @round_boys

This pupper is taking advantage of his round face and pretending to be a loveable, huggable bear. Don’t we love teddy bears and puppers for their cuddliness?

5. The Au Naturel Round


Credit: Twitter / @round_boys

Try with all your might, you can’t defeat this Pom’s roundness. Come fire or high water, nothing can take away this cutie’s roundness!

6. The Cotton Puff


Credit: Twitter / @round_boys

Bichon Frises have ALL the fluff and people love to make them as round as possible. This Bichon is so round that he could be mistaken for a giant cotton puff!

Now, don’t think it’s just dogs and cats that are “round boys” … They come in all different textures and sizes!

5. The Eye of the Tiger


Credit: Twitter / @round_boys

Wild kitties are just as round as their domesticated counterparts. This cub is trying with all his might to stare down anyone who thinks he’s only round and adorable – he’s tough!

4. The Hedge-Ball


Credit: Twitter / @round_boys

Hedgehogs are all the fuss these days and they are no exception to the round boy rule. You can hold this little guy in the palm of your hand and he’d probably curl into the most perfect ball!

3. The Round Birb


Credit: Twitter / @round_boys

I don’t have much knowledge when it comes to birds, but I didn’t know that they could be this round! This bird looks like someone decorated an egg and perched him on a branch!

2. The OG Round Boy


Credit: Twitter / @round_boys

This Chinchilla is actually the subject of many viral posts – all because when he turns around he looks like the softest ball ever! Who else wants to pet him all day?!

1. The Wet Round Boys


Credit: Twitter / @round_boys

Finally, we move from land to water with these round sea creatures. They’re essentially sentient buoys and look completely satisfied that they can float with such round bodies.

And there you have it, some round boys to brighten your day! Check out the account for even more round boys, @round_boys!