10 Examples Of Russian Cat Content You Never Knew You Needed

Cat memes are exponentially funnier in Russian, apparently.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee

Don’t worry if you don’t understand a word of Russian. The internet speaks a universal language: cat memes.

1. Твой взгляд, когда говорят, что ты поднабрал за праздники


Credit: Tumblr / @markv5


While a lot of us habitually open at least three apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to satisfy our need for content consumption, there are other applications and platforms where people find even funnier content. You have your OG 4Chan users, your Redditors, and your Tumblr users. On these platforms you can find threads, photos, and memes that have yet to make it to the mainstream platforms. Sprinkled amongt the discussion threads, there are golden meme sources that await virality.

2. Кажется кот сломался.



Credit: Tumblr / @markv5

One of my new favorite content themes is a tad out there, but stay with me. Russian cats with captions are hilarious. In school we were taught never to cheat on our language projects by using Google Translate since it doesn’t understand context. But for our entertainment, Google translate is A-Ok to use. I think it’s gotten much better, too! And for some reason, when you translate the caption, the content goes from A to A++++. The Tumblr @markv5 is a source for these cat photos with Russian captions and it’s all kinds of funny and adorable.

Here are some of my favorite examples. Hopefully you’ll like them too!

3. “Теперь я пуфик”



Credit: Tumblr / @markv5

This tiny grey kitty has been dubbed an ottoman and we can’t stop laughing at how accurate the caption is! The kitty looks so proud to be an ottoman!

4. 2018 год – год собакена. Так пусть этот собакен будет для всех нас дружелюбным пёсей, а не каким-нибудь грызучим кобелём …



Credit: Tumblr / @markv5

Let the year of the dog be the year to finally end the feud between cats and dogs. Let any dog or cat movie stop having the scene where the cat chases the dog through an alley!

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