Dog Finds Comfort In Stuffed Animals After Losing Her Puppies

In an effort to give her some peace, her mom gave her stuffed animal replacements.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Facebook / Caroline Claffey

The Cherokee County Humane Society found a pregnant dog wandering the streets in Atlanta, Georgia. They brought her to a veterinarian where they discovered she had been shot at one point. To make matters worse, she was pregnant and her puppies didn’t survive. The dog had to have an emergency C-section to save her life, but after the loss of her puppies, she was noticeably sad.


Credit: Facebook / Caroline Claffey

In an effort to lift her spirits, the shelter replaced her puppies with stuffed animals. Besides losing her puppies and her injury, the shelter discovered that her teeth had been filed down and that she was overbred. The shelter named the dog Kiah, which means “a new beginning.”

This video broke hearts all over the Internet.

Kiah is now staying with a foster parent, Caroline Claffey, who records Kiah cuddling with her stuffed animals. Claffey says, “her spirits are still low,” but the toys make her feel better.


Credit: Facebook / Caroline Claffey

Kiah’s favorite toy is one that vibrates and hums lullabies, which makes it feel more real. The stuffed animals give her comfort as she continues to recover.

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