Meet Keon, The Dog Who Breaks The World Record For The Longest Tail

This loveable Irish Wolfhound is now a part of Guinness history!

By Catalina Barrios

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Credit: Sunday Express

All dogs are incredible and special in their own way. Sometimes, the things we love about them the most are their quirks and funny qualities. A dog doesn’t need to follow perfect breed standards to be loved, by any stretch!


Credit: Guinness World Records

For example, we know you would still love your dog even if they possessed odd qualities such as long ears or even a long tail. Jef Thyse, his wife Ilse Loods, and their two children are the proud owners of Keon, an Irish Wolfhound who has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the dog with the longest tail in the world, measuring 30.2 inches, that is over 2 feet!


Credit: YouTube / Guinness World Records
Pictures of Keon when he was a puppy!

Guinness’ representatives measure from the tip of the dog’s tail bone (not the fur) to the top of the tail. Keon’s tail broke the previous record by 1.7 inches, also held by an Irish Wolfhound.

Let’s put Keon’s tail size into perspective. It is almost the size of an average two year old!

According to his owners, Keon has always been big, even when he was a puppy. They say he was very large at four months and then started to grow very fast.


Credit: YouTube / Guinness World Records

Keon lives with his family in Westerlo, Belgium, who describe him as “a very nice dog” and a “gentle giant.” The Guinness World Record celebrity enjoys laying on the couch with his loving family.

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