Rescue Dog Who Was Fed McDonald’s Lost 37 Pounds With New Family

The Chihuahua mix was adopted at the unhealthy weight of 47 lbs.

By Catalina Barrios


Who else vowed to lose weight in 2018?

What was your New Year’s resolution? I have a couple of things that I would love to achieve this year, like traveling, learning French, and a common one for many, losing weight. The first months of the year are usually the busy time for gyms as people naturally want to lose the weight they gain over the holidays. It is a great feeling being healthy, fit, and strong, for people and even pets.


This story involves Eileen Cutter, who has been an “angel” to many dogs. She has been rescuing dogs for as long as she can remember. There were periods when she took care of several canines at a time. She gave them the love and attention they needed.

Sadly in 2016 one of her rescue dogs died, but this didn’t stop her from rescuing another dog. She used to adopt dogs from her local humane society in Housatonic, Massachusetts where they know her by name. This time she went to North Shore Animal League in Long Island, New York in search of a dog needing her care.


Credit: People Pets

She looked at hundreds of dogs but there was one that caught her attention. It was Carmelite, a Chihuahua mix who weighed 47 lbs. WOW! It is difficult for any dog, as it is for any human, to be overweight. When Eileen came back for Carmelite, the dog was already down to 25 lbs, but still had a ways to go.

Eileen talked it over with her husband and decided to help the Chihuahua get back to a normal weight. Eileen previously helped one of her older Chihuahuas drop from 23 to 9 lbs in the past and was confident she could help Carmelite, too.


The couple took Carmelite home and were determined to help her lose weight. At the beginning when Eileen took Carmelite for walks, the dog would only walk the distance of two houses and then go back. Eileen and her husband didn’t give up and every day took Carmelite for walks. Along with her daily walks, she was also given portioned food and shortly after, she started to lose the extra pounds.

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