Swipe Right On Puppies On Tinder For Puppy Bowl XIV!

Plus you can eat cupcakes, get coffee and dress your dog for a good cause!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Facebook / Puppy Bowl

Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl is an annual tradition that started in 2005 and coincides with The Super Bowl. It’s pretty much what you’d imagine it to be – puppies running around a tiny football field playing with pet toys. The puppies, who come from animal shelters, are split into two teams: Team Ruff and Team Fluff. They aim to steal hearts from the audience and encourage pet adoption! One puppy will be named the MVP (Most Valuable Pup) by scoring the most goals! Just like their football counterparts, the hype for the puppies is real. The Puppy Bowl is promoting their event with Tinder profiles, cupcakes, coffee and even dog accessories.


Credit: Animal Planet

From January 22nd to February 4th, you can swipe right on super adorable puppies on Tinder while looking for potential suitors. Puppies participating in this year’s Puppy Bowl XIV will have their very own Tinder profiles! But instead of matching with puppies like Blueberry Pie, a member of Team Fluff, when you swipe right, you’ll be donating to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and thus be helping shelters all over the United States.


Credit: Animal Planet

If that wasn’t enough, Georgetown Cupcake will be making special Puppy Bowl cupcakes in celebration of the event! Georgetown Cupcake made these special cupcakes in 2014 and you can buy them again for a pre-game (or post or during) snack – it’s something sweet while watching sweet puppies run around!


Credit: Facebook / Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.

For all you coffee lovers out there, Animal Planet and Grounds & Hounds created a custom Puppy Bowl blend! It’s on sale for a limited time and 30% of each purchase will go towards helping transferring shelter animals into foster homes.

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