First Cat Joins Pet Therapy Ranks At Calgary Airport

One cat and about 50 dogs are on a mission to comfort stressed travelers!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Global News

Taz, a three-year-old cat, and his mom, Heather Rutherford, join ranks with PALS (Pet Access League Society) and its pet therapy program at the Calgary International Airport. People usually assume without a second thought that pet therapy only involves dogs, but now kitties are taking on the job of comforting stressed out travelers!



Airports are usually not a fun place to be for many. It’s stressful, it’s crowded, and it’s just so busy! There are some airports that are better than others, but in my limited travel experience, I just want to get out of the airport ASAP. I’m always paranoid I forgot my passport or my ticket even though I have triple checked my carry on in the last five minutes. I show up to the gate an hour early JUST IN CASE. In case of what? I’m not too sure…but overall, the airport’s just not a fun experience.


Credit: Facebook / PALS (Pet Access League Society)

Usually, most of the stress is in my head and I get on my flight on time and get to my destination in one piece. But for other seasoned travelers, there are many stress inducing mishaps – cancelled flights, hours of layover, and lost luggage. Once a person is stranded, the airport can start feeling more like a prison rather than a port.


Credit: Facebook / PALS (Pet Access League Society)

That’s why programs like PALS pet therapy program are so great. Waiting for a flight? There’s a dog to pet to help you forget that you have to wait another three hours. If you prefer cats, now you can pet cats like Taz and feel him purr your anxiety away.

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