Tiny Tim The Donkey Thinks He’s A Puppy!

He fetches, walks on a leash, and sleeps on a doggy bed.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Facebook / Tiny Tim the Mini Donkey

On a farm in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, a donkey rejected her baby, Tiny Tim, who weighed only 10 pounds at birth. Following attempts at letting the pair bond, the mother donkey became violent so the baby donkey moved into the Topping family home! Now Tiny Tim is 70 pounds and lives with Judy Topping and her family. His hobbies include: playing with pillows to build forts, licking the dishes clean, and playing fetch.


Credit: Facebook / Tiny Tim the Mini Donkey

During the first four months inside the house, Tiny Tim slept in the master bedroom with Judy and her husband. He slept there in a playpen like a baby since he needed to eat throughout the night.


Credit: Facebook / Tiny Tim the Mini Donkey

After reaching 50 pounds, he became too heavy to be carried around the house, so he now has the mudroom as his bedroom. He joins the family in daily activities including car rides and frolicking in the yard!


Credit: Facebook / Tiny Tim the Mini Donkey

Although he has been a surprise since birth, he keeps surprising his family and the world with his funny dog-like characteristics. He’s cuddly and loves hugs and licking people’s faces! He takes after his two doggy brothers and his antics are getting more and more popular every day on his Facebook page!


Credit: Facebook / Tiny Tim the Mini Donkey

As adorable as Tiny Tim is, having a donkey as a family pet is a big commitment. They live long lives and it’s now hard for the Toppings to travel since there aren’t as many donkey-sitters as you might think!


Credit: Facebook / Tiny Tim the Mini Donkey

The Toppings are working towards getting Tiny Tim a therapy animal certification so he can bring happiness to more people! We’ll be watching for appearance as his fan base grows.