Calgary’s Regal Cat Café Now Offers Cat Yoga!

Downward Dog? Nope! Downward Cat is all the buzz at these sold out sessions

By Justyne Yuen-Lee

Love your dog? Love yoga? You can do both at Doga! Now, there’s Cat Yoga too! (Coga??)

We’re all about incorporating our pets in everything we do. At Get Leashed we offer Doga once a month and even Diner En Bark where you can fancy up your pup for a multi-course dinner! Our events make it seem as if we lean towards dogs more often then not, but we love all things cats too! It’s just a little bit more difficult since cats are more apt to climb things and less likely to stand being leashed than their doggy counterparts. One day, we hope there will be more places to bring your dogs and cats and possibly other pets too!


Credit: Instagram / @regalcatcafe

In Calgary, a local yoga instructor, Kathleen Kotchon approached Regal Cat Café and offered to teach a cats and yoga class. Regal Cat Café agreed!


Credit: Instagram / @regalcatcafe

That’s how Cat Yoga got started – for $25, yogis get a complimentary tea or coffee, a yoga class, and the opportunity to play with the participating kitties after!


Credit: Instagram / @regalcatcafe

Cats are usually more willing observers than actual participants and sit on mats while the humans enjoy a relaxing class. Andrea McGraw-Alock, a first timer, said, “I came for a gentle stretch and to hang out with the kitties. It was great; really relaxing. The cats were really intense first thing, a little rambunctious, but after we got going they chilled out and relaxed.”

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