Chelsea Handler Rescues Two New Fur Babies!

In honor of the loss of Tammy and Chunk, Handler gives Bert and Bernice a new home!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @chelseahandler

Chelsea Handler announced on her Instagram yesterday that she adopted two new Chow rescues, Bert and Bernice. Her two new babies look similar to the pets she sadly said goodbye to, Chunk and Tammy. Bear-like and fluffy, these two honor the lives of Handler’s other fur babies and will get a life filled with so much love and happiness! Handler has always been one to rescue and in a previous post on Tammy’s Instagram the star says, “Every dog needs a home. #cleartheshelters.” We applaud Chelsea for taking this next step and loving more dogs in need!


Credit: Instagram / @chelseahandler

Handler lost her first dog, Tammy Handler, in August. After a difficult decision, Chelsea had to have Tammy put down due to renal failure.


Credit: Instagram / @realtammyhandler

Tammy “fought like a bear”, but Handler couldn’t see her suffer anymore. She only had Tammy for two years, but in that time she was by her side every day. Tammy even slept by Handler’s door like a security guard if Chelsea’s door was closed.


Credit: Instagram / @chelseahandler

Then just last week, Chelsea lost Chunk, her other Chow mix rescue. He was her “best friend”, “partner”, and “son.”

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