A Real Dog-Friendly Cafe Is Coming To New York City

An interview with the father-daughter duo behind Boris and Horton

By The Get Leashed Trends Team

In many North American cities, it can be a challenge to find a great coffee spot that allows you to relax inside with your dog, while also enjoying a tasty baked good along with your cup of caffeine goodness. The idea of allowing dogs where food is served is actually against local bylaws in many places. Luckily for New Yorkers, NYC is finally getting a real dog-friendly cafe in early 2018.

We spoke with the father-daughter duo behind Boris and Horton, a concept blending a neighborhood coffee house feel with a dog-friendly atmosphere. Dogs aren’t just allowed, they’re welcomed, as the Boris and Horton team are passionate dog people themselves. Read on as we get the details and get excited for their opening!

Photo: Boris and Horton

We love that you’re named after the founders’ own dogs. What inspired you to open the cafe?

We decided to open Boris & Horton after growing frustrated with the lack of dog-friendly coffee shop options in New York. The goal was to create a space that provides guests with an amazing cafe and retail experience to enjoy alongside their dogs while promoting dog rescue, a cause near and dear to our hearts. Think of Boris & Horton as your neighborhood coffee shop that allows pups and, but unlike the city’s cat cafes, dogs don’t live here. Also, and very importantly – the food and beverage options alone will keep guests coming back again and again.

Photo: Boris and Horton

What can guests expect from the mood and vibe inside?

The light inside of our space is incredible! We went for a clean, bright aesthetic with a few fun dog-centric details like our wallpaper, latte art and sugar cookies.

What design choices did you make to accommodate for canine guests?

None of the materials we chose are super precious because we know accidents happen. We’re particularly excited about our vegan leather bench cushions in a lovely shade of blue. Our photo booth features a bench seat so guests can be one the same level as their pooch when they snap a gif.

Photo: Boris and Horton

What are some standout items on the menu?

The thing we said from the beginning is that our coffee and food needs to be amazing because everyone is going to come check out the first dog-friendly coffee shop, but we want them to keep coming back again and again. We have full coffee and espresso offerings from City of Saints as well as a selection of fresh pastries, sweet and savory toasts, cheese plates from Murray’s, cold pressed juices from Montauk Juice and much more. Plus visit us in the evening for craft beer and wine by the glass.

Photo: Boris and Horton

Can you share any hidden gem spots dog owners need to check out when visiting NYC?

When you’re not hanging out at Boris & Horton with your dog I would recommend off-leash hours at Central Park, Prospect Park or Mccarren Park. We’re also right by Tompkins Square Park, which has a great dog run. Also, the new 1Hotel in Brooklyn Bridge park is beautiful and very dog-friendly.

Photo: Boris and Horton

Visit BorisandHoton.com for updates and stay connected with the pack on Facebook.