French Bulldog Discovered To Have Both Female and Male Genitalia

After discovering a strange growth, this owner was told her female dog had a penis

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: The Sun

When Kim Rowlands of Chinley, Derby in the UK brought home Luna, a pure bred French Bulldog, she was excited. Her daughter, Elsa,  loved Luna immediately and played with her like a doll. Around other dogs, however, Luna behaved strangely. She would try and mount other female dogs and was very protective around a particular female dog friend. When Luna was around 18 months, Rowlands brought Luna to the vet after noticing a strange growth. The vet announced that the growth was actually a penis.


Credit: The Sun

This rare condition disappointed Kim, as Luna can never reproduce. But the discovery doesn’t stop Kelly and Elsa from loving Luna.


Credit: The Sun

They describe Luna to be good-natured and loving, but other dogs can be quite aggressive to her as her scent confuses them.


Female dogs in heat give off certain pheromones that attract male dogs. Since Luna gives off these female pheromones but also has male reproductive parts, other dogs don’t know what to do so they become aggressive.

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