15 Years Later, A Missing Cat Returns To His Beloved Home

Thanks to a microchip, the black cat was reunited with his family

By Catalina Barrios

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Credit: The Telegraph

What would you do if your cat went missing? I don’t have a cat but I can’t imagine my dog being lost. As a dog or cat owner, your pet becomes a very important part of your life. Losing a pet is an owner’s worst nightmare, and as time passes by with no sign of your baby, after days, months, and even years, anyone would be devastated. What if 15 years after your pet’s disappearance, you finally receive the call that you’ve been waiting for?


Credit: The Telegraph

This is what happened to 56 year old, Jan Barnes from England. Her cat Winston is incredibly back home after over a decade! In 2002, the black cat disappeared when being relocated to a new home when Barnes moved with her husband Peter.


Winston used to go off on his own for a few days and would come back with a few more extra pounds, but this time he left and did not return. Jan and Peter believe the move is what caused Winston to disappear.

After so many years, the couple lost hope of seeing their feline friend again. But this year, they received the best Christmas present. Just before Christmas, a vet called to say Winston had been found. What a surprise!


Credit: Daily Mail

The black cat was found 35 miles away from his home. He was extremely frail. I can hardly imagine how many days passed for Winston without having a good meal or a comfy bed. A good samaritan brought Winston to Castle Veterinary Group where the cat was scanned for a microchip. Thanks to the microchip Winston was reunited with his family.

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