Britain’s First Cloned Dog Is Expecting Puppies

Minnie, a cloned Dachshund, is pregnant

By Catalina Barrios

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Credit: The Sun

Technology amazes me every day. I remember when the first iPhone came out and somehow we’re up to the iPhone X already. One of the shows I enjoyed the most as a child was “The Jetsons”. Seeing the family’s futuristic gadgets was the best part, and now these toys seem not far off  from reality. Have you ever considered the technology of cloning your pet?


In 2013, Rebecca Bourne entered her dog Winnie in a dog cloning competition (yes, that happened) by Korean organization Sooam Biotech Research Foundation.

The organization offered the winner the opportunity of cloning their beloved dog for FREE. According to Sooam Biotech, cloning a dog can cost up to $100,000 USD!


Credit: Daily Mail
Minnie with her mom, Winnie

Rebecca won the competition and the cloned puppy, Minnie, was conceived in a test tube and born in Seoul, Korea on March 30, 2014.


Credit: The Sun

Rebecca will soon be a “grandma” since Minnie is now pregnant. She is thrilled to receive this surprise especially after losing Winnie, who passed away last year at the age of 15 in a car accident.

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