Cheshire & Wain Make Your Cat Ultra Chic In Ultra Violet

Luxury Cat Brand Launches Color Of The Year Collar

By The Get Leashed Goods Team

“Inventive and imaginative, Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come.” – Pantone

After all the ups and downs of 2017, many of us were more than happy to welcome in a new year with a new sense of hope for the future. For 2018, the color authority Pantone selected 18-3838, also know as Ultra Violet as the color of the year. Representing originality, drama, ingenuity, and visionary thinking, the color sets the tone for the year in a positive light.

Photo: Pantone Universe

Described as “complex. contemplative, and mysterious,” Ultra Violet sounds a lot like a certain four legged creature of the feline variety…

Luxury cat accessories brand Chershire & Wain were on this wavelength and have come out with an Ultra Violet version of their purrfectly popular collar. It’s no surprise they have a claw or two on what’s trending, after their “catsule” collection last year with the world’s most fashionably cat, Choupette Lagerfeld.

Photo: Cheshire & Wain

Whether your cat is mysterious or a creature of habit, they are sure to look striking in this rich purple. Cheshire & Wain’s leather cat collars feature a discrete breakaway buckle for your kitties safety without sacrificing style or comfort.

Photo: Cheshire & Wain

Brand ambassador, Percy, models the collar here, looking as contemplative as the color suggests. Good news for cats of all sizes, as Cheshire & Wain is now catering to “curvaceous kitties” with large cat collars.

Photo: Cheshire & Wain

While the brand is based in London, they do ship worldwide! So whether your cat is a slave to the latest fashion trends or you just happen to love purple, get your paws on this new addition to the brand’s Wonderland Edition collars before it’s gone.

Photo: Cheshire & Wain

Does your pet have model potential? To become a featured feline, send in photos of your baby in their collar to the cat loving Cheshire & Wain team.