The Anatomy of Pupfluencers: Why Dogs Are So Famous Online

Can you ride your dog’s Internet fame straight out of your day job?

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @puffie_the_chow

Puffie, the Chow Chow from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia went viral at only a few weeks old. Puffie’s paw-rents started his account in the beginning of June 2017, and by August 2017, it had over 206K  followers on Instagram. This is something that would be considered a huge accomplishment for any celebrity, let alone a dog. From his debut post, it seems, Puffie was destined for Internet stardom.

He became an Internet sensation overnight because he is puffy and fluffy and sassy.  Although Puffie has yet to celebrate his first birthday, brands like Daniel Wellington are leveraging his Puffie-ness to advertise their products.

How does a puppy go viral? Think pieces all over the Internet assert that our love for dogs easily translates into high follow counts, likes, and vibrant online dog communities.

Do you need a social media account for your dog?


Credit: Instagram / @sumosocorgi

Posting regular photos of your new and adorable pet isn’t a novel phenomenon. Many people create Instagram accounts for their pets so that friends and family can keep up with the cute shenanigans.


Credit: Instagram / @hideandteak_la

But, there’s just something about adorable puppies that draws a lot more people than just family and friends. With the right hashtags and a well-planned posting schedule, you can grow your follower count into the hundreds of thousands.


Credit: Instagram / @mollyomalley.sheltie

As long as your pup is well-groomed, aptly accessorized, and in possession of an “exuberant personality” (like most puppies), you have the raw materials needed to reach thousands, even millions of people.

Then you’ll have a niche – a community of people loving your dog, connecting to more people with the same interest in loving your dog, connecting to other online dog lovers.

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