Salma Hayek’s Emotional Message After The Death Of Her 18 Year Old Rescue Dog “Lupe”

The actress said goodbye to her dear friend and fans shared in her grief

By Catalina Barrios


Credit: Instagram / @salmahayek

One of my favorite actresses is Salma Hayek. I have followed her career for a very long time. Her movie “Frida” is definitely one worth watching. Besides being a Hollywood star, this Mexican celebrity is also known for being an animal lover. She cares for many animals, including horses, alpacas, cats, dogs, hamsters, parrots, fish, chickens and rabbits.

Salma is going through a very difficult time concerning her pets.


Credit: Instagram / @salmahayek

Almost two years ago, her neighbor shot her 9 year old dog Mozart after the rescue dog supposedly ran into their garage and began attacking their dogs. According to Salma, Mozart never bit or attacked anyone. He was the most loving and loyal companion and she even helped to deliver the dog out of his mother’s womb.


Credit: Instagram / @salmahayek

After attending this year’s Golden Globe Awards, the Academy-Award winning actress shared on her Instagram account the sad news of the death of Lupe, her 18 year old rescue dog from Mexico. She wrote an emotional message to her more than 5 million followers and repeated the message in Spanish:

“With my heart filled with love and pain I had to say goodbye to my Lupe, I am so grateful for the 18 years she enriched my life with her great spirit. I have no words or tears to describe how much she meant to me. May she run free with my pack of dogs that are already waiting for her in dog heaven.”


Credit: Instagram / @salmahayek

She said Lupe was her best friend whom she rescued as a puppy from the streets of Mexico City. Lupe has been with Salma since she first moved to the States. The Hitman’s Bodyguard actress is thankful for all the words of support she has received from her followers, adding she has never received so many comments and is happy to have wonderful, caring fans.

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