Dogs Need Vacations Too! Behaviorists Say It’s Good For Their Health

Graeme Hall and Parkdean Resorts team up to encourage dog vacations

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Is anyone else tired of January?

It’s nearing the end of the first month of 2018 and it feels as if it’s been a decade’s worth of catching up with reality and noticing that clothes fit a little more snugly than before. As everyone trudges through day-to-day routines, there are dreams of warmer days and possible vacations with beaches, cocktails, and no email alerts. As people with lives scheduled 80% of the time, a break to relax is needed! Vacations are a time to rejuvenate relationships, give minds a break until the next quarter, and overall, just relax.


Credit: Twitter / @graemedogfather

People are not the only beings who need that break. According to Graeme Hall of Channel 4’s Dogs Behaving Badly, travelling benefits dogs’ physical and mental well-being. Plus, it can lead to better behavior long-term!


The dog behavior and dog training expert (who also calls himself “The Dogfather”) says that dogs will continue to act up without regular R&R.

When your dogs whine and scratch at the door when they hear your keys, those are signals that they’re bored, lonely, miss you, and need some activity in their lives!


Hall says, “Dogs feel overwhelmed, too – it’s not exclusive to us – and a holiday is a great way to alleviate stress for both dogs and their owners. Just like us, they need a break every now and again.”


Pups can be tiny, but their messes are BIG!

Instead of shaking their legs up and down like people, dogs act out through eating slippers, biting walls, and trying not to be stir crazy.


Credit: Facebook / Parkdean

A vacation can also benefit the 1 in 3 dogs who are overweight. Through a partnership with Parkdean Resorts, Hall is encouraging dog owners to bring their pets to their parks and enjoy a vacation so that they can run to their hearts’ content.


Credit: Facebook / Parkdean
Parkdean even has the cutest and fluffiest member on their sales team – Bear!

Parkdean Resorts, based in the UK, offers a variety of dog-friendly options and welcomed over 50 000 pets at their various parks last year. John Waterworth, chief executive of Parkdean Resorts says, “We’re a nation of dog lovers and our pets are widely acknowledged as being part of the family. We’ve definitely noticed a rise in the demand for dog-friendly holidays, which is why we’ve made sure we offer pet-friendly accommodation at 67 of our holiday parks.”


Credit: Facebook / Parkdean

If you don’t want to pitch a tent on your own, and your pooch is perhaps spoiled, then you can rent a gorgeous caravan that sleeps up to 8 people plus your pet! In their Touring and “Glamping” accommodations, you can enjoy nature in style and comfort.


Credit: Facebook / Parkdean

If you don’t need the ability to be mobile, but still want to camp in luxurious style, then there are lodges for rent and for sale. From 2-4 bedroom pet-friendly lodges, your family would be reluctant to go home.


Credit: Facebook / Parkdean

Both Caravan and Lodge rentals have central heating, a dining area, gas cooker, DVD player, a vacuum, and basically everything a pet owner may need. With more bedrooms, comes more perks and you’ll feel right at home. Your dog can enjoy bonding with you in the new environment.


The next time you fantasize about a vacation, think of your pups too! They need breaks just as much as you do!