Woman Finds Her Cat For Sale Online After He Was Surrendered To The Vet

She signed him over to the vet thinking her pet was severely unwell

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: The Telegraph

Kelly Samuels of Wisbech, Cambridgeshire brought her cat Casper to Vetsavers clinic due to an abscess that worried her. At Vetsavers, they treated him with antibiotics and painkillers then sent him home. The cat’s condition, however, had worsened, so Samuels brought him back to the vet for a stay overnight. After checking on him the next day, Samuels believed he had a kidney problem and that the treatment would be expensive. The vet confirmed this belief.


Since Samuels couldn’t afford the treatment, she gave the cat to her father to make the decision between treating him or having him put him down if the condition was too serious to treat. The vet then told her father that Casper “would need long term treatment for his kidney which would be a hefty cost and no guarantees it would work.”


The vet offered to take Casper into the vet’s care if Samuels’ father signed him over. Deciding that was the best option, Casper was signed over to Vetsavers to be treated.

A few days later, Samuels contacted Vetsavers to see how Casper was doing. She discovered that Casper did not have a serious kidney problem afterall, but just an abscess, and he was now perfectly healthy. She asked for Casper back, but the vet refused.

The following online post was then discovered:


Credit: The Telegraph

A family friend then found Casper for sale on Facebook for £50 with a message that the cat was looking for a “forever home” and that the previous owner, “refused to treat him and walked out.”

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