Puppy Olympics Is a Thing and You NEED to Watch!

Puppies compete in skating, alpine skiing, hockey, and so many more events!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Eurosport

As the larger world prepares for PyeongChang Olympics 2018, the doggy world watches with bated breath, The Puppy Olympics (presented by Eurosport)! All events feature rescued pups participating in popular Olympic sports. The Puppy Games include: Ice Dance, Alpine Ski, Team USA vs. Team Canada Hockey, Ski Jump and Bobsleigh. If you need your daily dose of cute, we highly suggest watching these puppies fight for the gold!

The Opening Ceremony:


Credit: Eurosport

The puppies invade the Puppy Games stadium donning their country’s flag proudly. We get to see Team America’s Sharpei (Mr. Wigglesworth), Team Austria’s French Bulldog (Violet), and Team France’s Pomeranians (Maurice and Simone). The torch is lit and the puppies prepare to compete!

The Ice Dance


Credit: Eurosport

Maurice and Simone take to the ice and wow the audience with their “elegance personified” dance. Simone’s tutu and Maurice’s outfits are the cherry to the cake. 10/10!!

The Alpine Ski


Credit: Eurosport

Holland’s Blenney the King Charles Spaniel starts off slow but ends up blowing through the course! Norway’s Joker the Shih Tzu falls with a face plant and loses the gold to Blenney.

Canada Vs. USA Hockey


Credit: Eurosport

After a warning for biting, the puppies go head to head in a game of hockey. And spoiler alert – the winner is Team Canada! Woo!

Ski Jump


Credit: Eurosport

UK’s Clyde the Corgi and Austria’s Violet the Frenchie, leap to see who will take the gold home! With the stubbiest legs of all, Clyde is the dark horse, taking the win in a surprise last minute jump. Talk about strategy!



Credit: Eurosport

Team USA was up against Team Poland in the last event. With high tensions in Team USA, Team Poland works together to win!

Click this link to watch the videos! It’s all kinds of adorable!