Woman Pays Addicts £50 To Save An Abused Pit Bull

The Internet loves this perfect pair – Chloe and Bonnie!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Twitter / @_clooox

Chloe Cullen of West Yorkshire begged a group of addicts to allow her to remove the Pit Bull, Bonnie, from their crack den. The dog had needle marks on her legs and was continuously provoked in an effort to get her to fight. She would not. Chloe was eventually able to trade Bonnie for £50.


Credit: Twitter / @_clooox

Chloe tweeted, “£50 was all it took. £50 to stop a group of druggies tormenting, using her whilst begging, to stop them shouting in her face and not to mention the needle marks in her legs. They happily took £50 for their next fix. You’re safe with me now Bonnie, nobody is going to hurt you ❤️”


Credit: Twitter / @_clooox

That tweet was meant for friends and family, but the Internet sent it viral.  An outpouring of support for Chloe and her kindness rained down from the reaches of the Internet.


Credit: Twitter / @_clooox
Bonnie getting her first toy with her new mum!

“There’s not enough people like you in the world, and not enough being done to stop animal abuse. God Bless you Chloe. 🙌” – @virgilogy

“This breaks my heart thinking of this innocent pup being hurt 💔” – @laurenaatkins0n

However, there were people who thought Chloe was posting about Bonnie “for attention.”

“nothing but respect for this. Just please stick with her, a dog is for life, not just for twitter” – @JoeyBrannigan


Credit: Instagram / @soldier.like.bonnie

Chloe quickly shut down those comments, saying that she intends to love Bonnie for life. Chloe has started an Instagram for Bonnie, @soldier.like.bonnie, documenting their new life together. It is important to note that Chloe was responsible about adopting Bonnie. Before bringing Bonnie home, she contacted the police and RSPCA. Chloe also made sure to clarify with her followers that plenty of homeless people love their pets, but this group was obviously abusing Bonnie.


Credit: Instagram / @soldier.like.bonnie

We applaud Chloe for her act of kindness and wish her and Bonnie an amazing life together!