Japan Has Dog Nurseries For Busy Pet Parents

It’s exactly what you think it is – you drop your dog off to learn and play!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


It’s hard to leave our fur babies at home when we have work to do!

Growing families require serious juggling to ensure everything gets done.  If we work outside the home, pets may be left on their own as we watch them through monitors. Alternatively, if we work from home, they are often sitting at our feet. Neither scenario is as stimulating as if we could give our full attention. Japan’s double income and single-person households have demanded a more stimulating experience for their puppies.


Credit: Facebook / Little Chika

Japan has doggie nursery schools embedded in neighborhoods that feed, walk, and instruct dogs on good behavior.  It is a very similar concept to human day care where paw-rents debrief with staff about the day’s experience and the various activities enjoyed by their dog.


Credit: Facebook / Little Chika

Dogs eat, rest, and undergo training such as: potty, sitting, and waiting. In between these sessions, the dogs play!


Credit: Little Chika

Akane Fujitsuka, chief of Little Chika, says, “Dogs are animals that inherently live in groups. They can develop social skills by learning communication and rules with other dogs.”

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