Life Of Vi – Life Goals

Violet Vows To Make 2018 Her Best Year Yet

By Rachel Simpson

Priorities change, especially as we age. This isn’t news to anyone. Violet, who’ll be six in April (the big 4-0 in human years!), and who isn’t quite the indomitable force of nature she was in her youth, is no stranger to this change. So 2018 is the year she arranges her life to ensure that the rest of her days, however different they may be from the ones of years past, will be no less wonderful.

The Blueprint:

It’s no simple undertaking, this getting your life in order stuff. It helps to think about it seriously and lay out a plan, a list of things you want for yourself and how to make those things a reality. So here’s what Vi came up with…

Reflect & Repose:

Violet is going to designate more time to self-reflection this year. One of the benefits of reflecting on your life is that it allows you to identify the causal chain that’s brought you to the present. Another advantage? It takes a great deal of concentration, which means you should probably do it laying down.


The Great Wide Open:

Self-reflection is important, but even Socrates lived an active life. Violet is no different. She’s still going to get outside as much as possible to preserve her physical health and stimulate her mind. That’s bad news for the neighborhood squirrels, maybe, but then, running for cover is probably good exercise too.

Expert Opinion:

There’s no shame in seeking a little guidance when it comes to important matters. Violet goes to the vet when she has physical ailments, so why wouldn’t she seek out the wisdom of experts in other fields as well? That’s not lazy, it’s smart. Finding a good translation has been a real struggle, though.

Lean on Me:

Violet hasn’t always been happy with her humans, who have taken some vacations without her, have rules about sharing food that can be a little too rigid, and who knocked her down the hierarchy with the introduction of that human brother of hers. But she knows it’s their support above all else that will allow her to live her best year yet. And we hope she knows we’re only too happy to provide it.