Shake Shack Is Releasing A Pink Glittery Milkshake For Love And Puppies!

For Valentine’s Day, you can get a gorgeous and delicious milkshake for a good puppy cause.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Do you have Valentine’s Day plans?

There’s probably a think-piece or two out there talking about how people would rather spend time with their dogs than other people. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, those of us who one, don’t have a significant other, two, are away from our significant other, or three, are smart enough to be away from the crowded restaurants and date scenes, those think-pieces ring true. I would much rather spend time at home petting and snuggling with my dog (if I had one) than mess with the anxiety that comes with an awkward V-Day date, and trudging through the snow we have up north this time of year. What would make me venture out? A perfect insta-moment for a dog-related good cause.


Credit: Shake Shack

If you live near a Shake Shack in New York City, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, then there is a chance that during Valentine’s Day week, you can have your very own Love Shack.

What is a Love Shack Shake?


Credit: Twitter / @The B-52s

Inspired and created by The B-52s, who are the artists behind the hit 80’s song of the same name, it’s a “strawberry blonde” milkshake with whip cream AND pink glittery sparkles!

What’s so good about it?


Credit: Shake Shack

Besides probably tasting delicious (my Canadian-Shake-Shack-deprived mouth is watering), it’ll look picture perfect on your Instagram and probably get many likes. You’d get extra points and likes if you get your dog in the shot too!

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