More Than 100 Sled Dogs Found In Degrading Conditions

How One Whitby Couple’s Facebook Post Sparked an OSPCA Investigation

By Si Si Penaloza

Dog sledding has long been a polarizing issue among dog lovers. Enthusiasts insist that huskies love it and live for a day out on the snow. Animal rights activists see it as clearly inhumane. Regardless of your opinion on the sport of dog sledding, the images you are about to see below are clearly disconcerting. An Ontario couple were looking forward to a day of dog sledding this past Sunday, but what they say they found was a ‘heartbreaking’ scene of more than hundred dogs in degrading conditions.

Photo: CTV News  / Dylan Blake

Dylan Blake and Natasha Guerriero were taking advantage of a Groupon they received from Guerriero’s parents for Christmas. The deal was an introduction to dog sledding from Toronto Adventures Inc., offered through Windrift Kennels in Moonstone, Ont., north of Barrie. They say they discovered a disturbing scene.

Photo: CTV News

“When we got in there, there were at least 10 dogs that you could see visibly, but if you walked farther, there were at least 50 dogs that were in the same kind of atmosphere, on chains with no space to eat, sleep or go to the washroom,” Guerriero described to Global News on Monday.

“It didn’t look right.”

“It was hard to keep it in,” Blake said. “I remember looking at a dog in a hut and I was looking at it trying to make it come out and I was trying not to tear up. It was just heartbreaking, it really was.”

“They’re working dogs, we get it, but no dog should be put through that.”

Clearly distressed at the evidence of canine suffering, the couple said they couldn’t “let it go” and described in vivid detail the conditions they witnessed firsthand in an emotional post on social media. The post was accompanied by a number of jarring videos they shot on the property. It has subsequently been shared over 100,000 times and Guerriero said they have received concerned responses from people all over the world.

Facebook / Natasha Guerriero

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