Black Cats Are Being Abandoned Because They “Take Bad Selfies”

This pickiness is growing into a serious issue

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


On average, black kitties take longer to be adopted.

We’ve covered the sad circumstance of Black Dog Syndrome – the fact that a lot of people prefer any other colored fur to a black dog. This bias has inspired shelters to create backstories and train black furred pups to do special tricks in order to improve their chances of adoption.


It seems black cats are having the same problems.  Unfortunately, black cats already have a bad rep for being symbols of bad luck. The cards are stacked against them, but in reality, black kitties are no different than the other kitten in the litter.


With the right skills – your black cat can be the best selfie taker ever!

The issue today is, in addition to the color bias, people are abandoning black cats because “they don’t show well” in selfies.


The RSPCA said that it sees more black and black/white cats come into its care than any other color of kitty. Also, it takes about 10 days longer to re-home these kitties compared to a ginger one.

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