Galgos: Before, One of Spain’s Most Popular Dogs, Now, One Of The Most Mistreated


Credit: Instagram / @yogalgo

There are a handful of Spanish shelters dedicated to saving the Galgos and other “unwanted” animals of Spain. Even though more and more Galgo handlers are giving their unwanted dogs to the shelters, the abuse and torture still continues.

February 1st is known as the World Galgo Day which raises awareness on rescuing the thousands of Galgos in Spain who end up living on the streets after being dumped by their handlers.


Credit: Galgos del Sol

February 1st also marks the end of the Spanish hunting season, whehn thousands of Galgos are killed. Some are killed by their owners in cruel and inhumane methods and others are euthanized at “perreras” or high kill shelters.

What is the Spanish government doing to stop this abuse? Unfortunately it hasn’t done much and they are aware of this issue. They claim it is difficult to identify the abuses as the majority of these cases take place on private property. Rescue organizations such as Galgos del Sol work non-stop to rescue as many Galgos as possible and provide them with the life they deserve.


Spanish Greyhounds can be shy when they are around people they don’t know but are very affectionate with their family and are gentle with children. They have lots of energy and enjoy going for walks.

This video shows Gagos’ sad life before thankfully being rescued by Galgos del Sol. Warning: it may be disturbing for some viewers.

You can help by raising awareness through social media with the hashtag #freethegalgo or helping rescue organizations such as Galgos del Sol or Galgo Rescue International Network.