The RCMP Need Help Naming Their K9 Puppies!

The “L” litter wants Canadian children to give them a name

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Facebook / Division Dépôt de la GRC

The Royal Canadian Mounted police have 13 puppies being born this year and February is naming month! Canadian kids have the opportunity to give a name to these adorable fluff balls.  There are rules, however: the name must start with the letter L, be no more than two syllables, and have no greater than 9 letters. Applicants must live in Canada and be under the age of 14. Winners will get a laminated photo of their puppy, a stuffed dog named Justice, and an RCMP cap.

Division Dépôt de la GRC3

Credit: Facebook / Division Dépôt de la GRC

Here are the official details:

  • Names must begin with the letter “L” and have no more than two syllables and nine letters.
  • Contestants must live in Canada and be 14 years old or younger.
  • Only one entry per child.
  • Entry deadline is Feb. 28.

Division Dépôt de la GRC2

Credit: Facebook / Division Dépôt de la GRC

Entries can be submitted online or by mail:

2018 Name the Puppy Contest
RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre
P.O. Box 6120
Innisfail, AB T4G 1S8


Credit: RCMP

Before you throw that entry in the mail, make sure to include: suggested puppy name, child’s name, age, complete address, and telephone number. Children are also encouraged to include a drawing or painting!

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