The RCMP Need Help Naming Their K9 Puppies!

The “L” litter wants Canadian children to give them a name

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Facebook / Division Dépôt de la GRC

The Royal Canadian Mounted police have 13 puppies being born this year and February is naming month! Canadian kids have the opportunity to give a name to these adorable fluff balls.  There are rules, however: the name must start with the letter L, be no more than two syllables, and have no greater than 9 letters. Applicants must live in Canada and be under the age of 14. Winners will get a laminated photo of their puppy, a stuffed dog named Justice, and an RCMP cap.

Division Dépôt de la GRC3

Credit: Facebook / Division Dépôt de la GRC

Here are the official details:

  • Names must begin with the letter “L” and have no more than two syllables and nine letters.
  • Contestants must live in Canada and be 14 years old or younger.
  • Only one entry per child.
  • Entry deadline is Feb. 28.

Division Dépôt de la GRC2

Credit: Facebook / Division Dépôt de la GRC

Entries can be submitted online or by mail:

2018 Name the Puppy Contest
RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre
P.O. Box 6120
Innisfail, AB T4G 1S8


Credit: RCMP

Before you throw that entry in the mail, make sure to include: suggested puppy name, child’s name, age, complete address, and telephone number. Children are also encouraged to include a drawing or painting!


Credit: RCMP

Training center staff will choose the winning names – one from each province. The winners will be announced on April 10. The non-winning puppy names will be considered for future puppies born in 2018.

Division Dépôt de la GRC

Credit: Facebook / Division Dépôt de la GRC

The puppies are destined to be trained for an important part of front line policing.  They will search for missing or lost people, track and apprehend criminals, find and remove illegal drugs from the streets, detect explosives, and uncover evidence that helps solve crimes.

Good luck! Get creative!