Brooklyn 99 Star Stephanie Beatriz Adds A New Rescue To Her Family

In memory of her late dog, Banjo, the actress adopts Gouda!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @iamstephbeatz

Like many of us, I’m an active TV-binger. The agony in waiting for another episode every week is something I can no longer stand. So when Netflix or any other streaming site gives me multiple seasons to watch all at once, I will fill my free time with a new TV show and breeze through it.  One of the shows I recently binged was Brooklyn 99. It’s funny, it’s cute, and it’s inclusive. Brooklyn 99 is centered around a New York City police precinct and the shenanigans the squad has to solve.


Credit: Instagram / @iamstephbeatz

One of the characters, Rosa, is a badass motorcycle-riding cop. The actress who plays her, Stephanie Beatriz, takes pride in being one of two Latina actresses in the cast and also plays a bisexual character – upping the number of queer characters to two!


Credit: Instagram / @iamstephbeatz

We already know the show’s actors are big dog lovers, and Stephanie is an avid dog person, too. She had an adorable rescue named Banjo, who unfortunately crossed the rainbow bridge in December 2016. Since then, the actress has continued to post regular photos of Banjo and details how much she misses him.


Credit: Instagram / @iamstephbeatz

But on January 27th, she introduced her followers to the newest member of her family, another rescue named Gouda (as in the cheese)! Stephanie wrote:

“I miss Banjo, and there will never be another dog like him. But I have the resources and the room in my heart for another little buddy, so I visited @thedogcafe_la: they are an amazing rescue that helps dogs socialize with other pups and get used to people so they can be their best selves, and then have a better chance of getting adopted. That’s where I met this bud. His name is @GoudaBoy ? and he’s pretty damn great. I have a feeling Banjo would approve. #adoptdontshop #amillionpicturesofmydog”

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