Katy Perry and Natasha Lyonne’s Pups Star in Plucky New Dog Grooming Book

The Famous Fur Flies In Jess Rona’s Groomed

By Si Si Penaloza

Photo: Groomed (Knock Knock)

Wet, kinky, curly, and frisky! Welcome to Jess Rona’s world of all things floofy. Director and groomer-to-the-stars Jess Rona offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into her comical career with a newly released book, Groomed (Knock Knock). Her rather rabid followers on Instagram can’t get enough of her dog music videos. If there were a Grammy for best slow-motion music videos of fashionably groomed dogs, Rona would be a shoo in. Bad hair days be doggone!

Photo: Groomed (Knock Knock)

InStyle dubbed Rona “the groomer who gives dogs Beyoncé-level hair” and just like that, a grooming legend was born. The Los Angeles-based groomer lives with her husband, actor Eric Edelstein, and their dogs, Chupie and Meemu. She has attracted the loyalty of celebrity clientele, drawn to her detail oriented brush work. She styles her clients with a monastic discipline typically reserved for Paris Fashion Week. Think Jedi Master trimming a bonsai tree.

Photo: Instagram / @jessronagrooming

She began posting her freshly coiffed four-legged clientele on her feed, @jessronagrooming after launching her own business in 2015. Rona works out of a private home studio in Lake Hollywood by referral only. This lushly illustrated new book debuts her creativity and humor to a much broader audience of dog lovers. Coffee table ready, we can now all drool over Rona’s revealing portraits of dogs in various stages of the grooming process.

Photo: Groomed (Knock Knock)

Rona’s most famous clients that have nabbed a spread in her new book? Katy Perry’s dog Nugget goes from hot mess to haute damn in a New York minute. Natasha Lyonne’s pup Root Beer comes across as a natural beauty and a scene stealer to boot. Instagram sensation Marnie The Dog, in all her perpetual tongue out glory, also appears in the book.

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