Missy Elliott’s Yorkie Dresses Better Than You


Credit: Twitter / @MissyElliott

Missy posted a video where Hoodie looked disappointed to be in an adorable outfit, but responded to tweets with this photo of him looking extra comfy in a varsity jacket! Too cute!


Credit: Twitter / @MissyElliott

I was so late in the game that I didn’t even realize Missy Elliott actually lived with two Yorkies, Hoodie and Poncho. Unfortunately, Missy lost Poncho this past August and misses him everyday. Hoodie misses his brother too – they would match and do everything together including sleeping on Missy’s giant bed!


Credit: Twitter / @MissyElliott

Missy and Hoodie missed Poncho this past Christmas when getting ready for their annual Christmas tree photo. The two Yorkies would pose together for the photo, but Hoodie braved it alone this year. He looks so smol ☹.


Credit: Instagram / @missymisdemeanorelliott

With Poncho in our hearts, we look forward to more adorable outfits from Hoodie and the Queen Missy Elliott herself!