Missy Elliott’s Yorkie Dresses Better Than You

Hoodie’s fashion star is on the rise as a member of the #GucciGang

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Twitter / @MissyElliott

I think I must live under a rock because I had NO idea that Missy Elliott loves dogs! She has a Yorkie named Hoodie and his outfits likely cost more than my rent. People all over the Internet want to be Missy Elliott’s dog and for good reason! Hoodie gained some Internet fame recently after Elliott posted some photos of his #OOTDs. He wears Gucci, varsity jackets, and suit and ties. The dog’s fashion sensibility is not surprising as mom Missy prides herself in dressing uniquely and looking different – her furry son follows in her footsteps as a fashion icon!


Credit: Instagram / @missymisdemeanorelliott

Hoodie recently wore a Gucci vest that famous friend Ciara gifted him. He rocked it out after a grooming appointment and looked supa dupa fly ?. Missy wrote in her post:

“Hoodie say thank you Auntie @ciara for my Gucci Vest! Keep me looking saucy GUCCI down to the socks?? in his *BiggieSmallsVoice* big up @cutzbynique Hoodie barber be on point to! ✂️Ayyyyye?? edge up sharp with layers??????”

“Auntie C” replied with, “Haha Auntie C loves you!”


Credit: Instagram / @missymisdemeanorelliott

According to Missy, Hoodie loves the snow and takes his walking outfits seriously. He sports a variety of sweaters including this red skull printed turtleneck.

Missy writes, “My Dog Hoodie this his fav time of the year mines to but I’m FREEZING & he wanna chill outside and go site seeing???☃️??”


Credit: Twitter / @MissyElliott

Hoodie even owns a classic fur brimmed winter jacket that he wears inside – it doesn’t look very functional, but he does look great in it. Missy captioned this photo with:

#ItsSoCold my dog in the house with his coat on!! Looking at me like nah I’ll hold my pee today???‍♀️?”

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