The Most Exciting Pet Gadgets From CES 2018

Cost: $499 USD

Easy Play


Credit: Gosh!

Easy Play allows you to operate a small robotic ball using an app on your smart phone.  The interior feeder stores treats for which you can program access up to three times per day. You can even record a voice message alerting your pet when it is snack time. This toy has a camera so you can watch your pet interact with the ball. The two-way speaker system allows users to talk to their pets and also hear them react. I would love to see my dog’s face when she hears my voice coming out of the toy; she would be looking for me everywhere.

Cost: $249 (company expects to start shipping in May)



Credit: Pebby

This will be the perfect toy for pets who are rough on their things because Pebby’s case is both shatterproof and waterproof. It is a great tool to keep your pet entertained and out of trouble. The sophisticated ball lets you monitor and play with your pet remotely using a smart phone. The smart collar and ball system includes cameras so that you can see your pet while you play with them. You can even change the LED colors and the speed of the ball. This sounds like lots of fun!

Cost: $249 (shipments starts in March 2018)



Credit: Petronics

Mousr is a robotic mouse that will keep you cat entertained without you moving a muscle. This toy can sense touch as well as the environment around it and will respond to your cat’s play needs. Your cat will be entertained for hours. You can control the mouse via an app while laying comfortably on your sofa. Who would have thought that cats and mice could be the best of friends?

Cost: $148 USD (available in April)

Which of these innovative gadgets would you add to your pet’s wish list?