Girl’s Boyfriend Says No To Having A Frenchie So She Does This

Nothing like a breakup to inspire a career change

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @itsybitsyfrenchies

I’ve been in my fair share of relationships – they were not always the best in terms of timing, compatibility, or even maturity. I feel everyone in any kind of relationship either has told someone what to do or the other way around. Then you have to dance around the fine line of bossing someone around or giving the other person loving advice. This fine line sits at a different place for everyone, but for one couple, it was at French Bulldogs.


Credit: Instagram / @itsybitsyfrenchies

This video went viral over a year ago because an Instagram user captioned it with something to the tune of, “my boyfriend told me I couldn’t have a French Bulldog, so I started breeding them.”


Credit: Instagram / @itsybitsyfrenchies

And the Internet took the video and made it viral. Relationships are about compromises and sacrifices. But sometimes, if you’re not happy, any sacrifice you make isn’t worth it. And Linny agreed. Best. Move. Ever.


Credit: Instagram / @itsybitsyfrenchies

Now, she successfully lives with all the Frenchies and in my opinion, she made the best choice. She aptly claimed her handle as @itsybitsyfrenchies and regularly interacts with Instagram’s most loved Frenchie accounts like @thefrenchiepost and @love.a.bully.


Credit: Instagram / @itsybitsyfrenchies

She claims her puppies to be the “Best Frenchies In The World” and runs a mailing list on her website!


Credit: Instagram / @itsybitsyfrenchies 

With all the puppy cuddles from one of the most popular breeds, we think Linny made the right move! What would you do if your partner had a problem with your pet of choice?