New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania Shines As ‘Five-Paw’ Hotel Host At Westminster Dog Show

Photo: Hotel Pennsylvania

Westminster is the oldest, continuous sporting event in America, with the exception of the Kentucky Derby.  The Dog Show is the most prestigious of National Dog Shows and has been held every year despite power shortages, hazardous weather conditions, economic depressions and World Wars.

Get Leashed nabbed an exclusive interview with Jerry Grymek, Doggie Concierge in charge of Pooch Relations about the all delightful drama behind the scenes of the world’s most important dog show.

What are some of the most eccentric requests the hotel has received from competitors or fans over the years in relation to Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show?

Photo: Hotel Pennsylvania

We’ve had some fun requests over the years:

– One owner asked for a red carpet to be rolled out for the Dog as they drove up to the hotel.

– Another owner asked for 7 McDonald’s cheeseburgers (no onions) to be delivered to the room for the dog to eat – and he ate them!

– Another owner asked for an opera singer to serenade her dog, and we set it up in the Lobby. The dog, an Italian Spinone, wore a tuxedo and top hat, and even barked for an encore!

For the two day window that the show is in full swing, the ratio of dogs to humans at the Hotel Pennsylvania must be such fun to witness. Dogs in the lobby, in the elevators, ordering up room service… how does the hotel prepare for all the buzz and activity?

Photo: Hotel Pennsylvania

Having hosted Westminster Kennel Club dogs for so many years, we are ready to cater to our four-legged guests as well as we do our two-legged guests. Our team is ready and we have regular meetings to make sure we have ever aspect covered. As soon as one show ends, we start thinking of the next one!

Tell us more about the spa pop up – Room To Groom S’paw’, the largest in-door doggie spa – what was the inspiration behind it?

Photo: Hotel Pennsylvania

This is probably the largest indoor hotel doggie spa in all of New York. We have everything the owners and handlers need to cater to their VIP’s (Very Important Pooches). We have a canine loo – his and her’s sectioned off so everyone is happy. We have bathtubs and grooming tables. We have Jog-A-Dog treadmills and even vendors such as a photographer. We give out Dog magazines to the owners and Doggie Treats as well! We go all out for the Dogs.

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