A Study Finds The “Paws-itive” Benefits Of Watching Cat Videos

There’s a reason you can’t tear yourself away from the funny cat videos and it’s positive

By Catalina Barrios


How many cat videos have you seen?

How much time do you spend lost on YouTube? I must admit, I can easily waste hours. One video leads to another, new content appears in the side bar, and suddenly, you realize a couple of hours have flown past. I love YouTube! It is definitely my go to if I don’t know how to do something. And thanks to this popular website, I have improved my cooking skills and have even become a stain removal expert.


Youtube cat videos have also become a lovely way for me to unwind from a long or stressful day. Have you tried this? You’re not alone in your passion for cat videos and there is a very good reason for this, which we’ll get to in a moment.

Jessica Gall Myrick and Internet feline sensation, Lil Bub, conducted a survey of 7,000 people in order to analyze cat media viewing habits.


For being a “chill” pet, cats entertain pretty well.

Myrick was inspired by data collected from ReelSEO.com, a video marketing website.  Apparently, there are more than two million cat videos on YouTube, with a combined viewership of 25 billion, which equals an average of 12,000 views per cat video. These numbers prompted Gall Myrick to investigate what exactly draws Internet users to this content.


Gall Myrick’s study showed that cat videos positively impact viewers. It also found that if you are a cat owner, or had previously owned a cat, you are more inclined to watch cat videos. The same results were found for people who volunteered with pets and this all makes obvious sense.

But, something very interesting is that data also revealed the majority of viewers weren’t actively looking for cat videos. Cat content was come upon during normal, daily internet use. It seems it is pretty hard to scroll past a cute cat video.  Even I find these videos very relaxing, though I am not a cat owner.


Thanks to science, we now know their silly antics relax us!

The study demonstrated that people have increased positive emotions and higher energy levels after watching cat videos.

Next time you are online, watch a couple of cat videos and see if you too feel this soothing, impossible to resist effect.


Jessica Gall Myrick is an assistant professor at the Indiana University Media School with a Ph.D in Mass Communications. She says this study was an attempt to quantify the popularity of online videos. Myrick adds that the data obtained from this study should be very useful for further research in other content areas.

Do you have a favorite cat video? Share it in the comment section because we would love some soothing cat antics right about now.  It can even be a video of your own hilarious kitty.