Life of Vi – Family Portrait

Violet Reflects On Her Family

By Rachel Simpson

The third Monday of February is Family Day in parts of Canada, a statutory holiday that encourages families to spend time together and enjoy a break from the doldrums of winter. Violet hardly needs a day off, but since there’s nothing she prefers to the company of her family, Family Day seems as good a time as any for her to reflect on her time as our dog.

Tiny Beginnings:

Violet changed families the day we brought her home, and we weren’t sure she’d be as happy to leave her first family as we were to have her join ours. But, we made it clear from the start that she was going to be the center of our little universe and she was plenty happy to have us in her orbit. (She even chased us if we left it.)

New Horizons:

After three years as our fur-baby, a status that made her crate superfluous and her wardrobe obscene, Vi had to prepare for a shakeup of the house hierarchy. For a creature of habit, and a bulldog-stubborn one at that, this rather abrupt change was neither welcome nor especially smooth. Not in the beginning at least. But it got better.

Odd Squad:

When her little brother arrived on the scene, Violet learned that she was more dog than human. She was resistant to all these changes at the start (her displeasure with sleeping in her crate was especially loud) and she kept her distance from the little stranger. But again, it got better; we were still her family, just one member bigger. And then it got awesome.

My Brother’s Keeper:

Once it was clear that she wasn’t being replaced, and that her little brother not only adored her but left a substantial trail of food just about everywhere he went, Vi began to enjoy our bigger, better family. For all the grief she gives him, she’s come to love our little guy. Something she’s more than happy to prove in front of a camera, (and when strange humans and especially strange dogs get too close).

Picture Perfect:

So here she is, almost six years later, no less irreplaceable for not occupying the same place in our family. We like to think she knows it too. How could she not?

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