Doggy Couple Gets Married At Humane Society

Honey and Pugsley prove all you need is (puppy) love.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Facebook / Edmonton Humane Society

Once upon a time, Pugsley, a handsome and dignified prince, found himself banished from his kingdom to the Edmonton Humane Society.  This is where he met a stunning, long eared princess named Honey. From the day Pugsley and Honey laid eyes upon each other, they vowed to stay together in this new land, ruling benevolently over their Forever Home. As time passed, their love flourished, as this stunning couple remained devoted to their human subjects, following them to work every day.

This past Valentine’s Day, the Humane Society decided to create a tribute to this doggy couple and celebrate a wedding to honor their love!


Credit: CBC

Honey came down the aisle in a flowing white veil as Pugsley quietly drooled, awaiting his bride at the altar. Their mock wedding was a cause for celebration and even raised funds to support the Edmonton Humane Society.

Credit: Facebook / Edmonton Humane Society

The officiant said beautifully, “We bless these two in the name of friendship and playfulness. We bless these two in the name of joy and in the name of food. May they never hunger for dog biscuits and always be filled with love.”


Credit: CBC

After that, the newlyweds concluded the ceremony with some treats and puppy kisses! They cut the cake together – Pugsley immediately gobbling his piece while Honey daintily enjoyed hers hand-fed.


Credit: Instagram / @edmonton_humane_society

The wedding guests – both human and pet – enjoyed various activities including a photo booth and doggy matchmaking!


Credit: Facebook / Edmonton Humane Society

The Humane Society encourages those inspired by Pugsley and Honey’s love to visit their local shelter or humane society to start their own love story.