Land Rover Launches Pet-Friendly Upgrades to Celebrate the Year of the Dog in Style

Photo: Land Rover

In addition to the pet pack accessories, the Rear Height Adjust on the Land Rover Discovery makes life easier for canine companions. The electronic air suspension lowers or raises the height of the vehicle at the touch of a button, making it easier for smaller or older dogs to climb into the load space. This easy-as-pie adjustable loading dock makes ingress and egress easier, a back saver for both pet and pet parent. We love technology that spares both your and your fur baby’s bone and joint health!

Photo: Land Rover

The British brand has long associated itself with man’s best friend. Created following lengthy, in-depth research into the proportion of Land Rover customers who are pet lovers, Landy and Rover have been entertaining fans via social media. It’s official, Great Danes are having their meerkat moment in marketing. Partitions are hardly unique ideas in the automotive space, but it’s nice to see pet themed upgrades that are custom built for specific vehicles.

Land Rover’s legendary capability means that visiting hard-to-reach places is all part of the adventure, but along with off-road adventures come off-road conditions like sand, snow and mud. Dogs love nothing more than ramping up their canine cred with new things to smell and roll around in, and there you have it – a remorseless, soiled up pup. A muddy moat may be your dog’s version of heaven, but that doesn’t mean the back of your Land Rover has to look like a swamp as a result.

Photo: Land Rover

If like Landy and Rover, your dog is inclined to take up all of the space on a long journey, or you need to store your luggage separately and safely or even keep a smoked salmon and Champagne picnic away from curious paws, you can easily separate the load space and lock down your lunch. People proteins and doggo proteins each have their designated spaces.

Dogs are such a big consideration at Land Rover, they have even created ‘CAD Dog’. This process uses a Computer Aided Design model of a dog to help the brand’s designer enhance cars with canine comfort in mind. With a vehicle that’s ready for any adventure, it seems only fair that your four legged family members get to go along for the ride.


Landy and Rover have been a hit across social media platforms. For believers, feng shui can make or break your good fortune. This new configuration and comfort upgrade can help you to get an organizational head start in the Year of the Dog. Besides pet-friendly accessories for the car, the new range also includes everything required for a country walk, including a dog lead, leather-lined collar, functional harness and coordinating water-resistant, quilted, wax jacket.

If 2017 is the peak year of marketing to dog lovers, perhaps it’s time to retire from using an old blanket or bedspread as a back seat protector like it’s 1979.