Istanbul Has a Metro Cat Who Just Doesn’t Care That You Have to Get to Work

This Cat Is Going Viral For Being Too “Relaxed”

By Catalina Barrios

turkishmetrocat-main image

Credit: Instagram / @laylaylomdutturudunya

There’s nothing like rush hour to ramp up the frenzy. Everyone is on the go, go, go. Buses, metros, subways are all jam-packed. And then imagine that as you run up the escalator to cut some time, you have to leap over a cat sprawled across the entrance way to your gate. A cat that is lolling about, greeting commuters with total Zen.


Credit: themindcircle

This is the cat that has taken up residence at Istanbul’s Taksim Metro; completely undisturbed by passersby.

Braden Thomson posted a video with the perfect caption: “Taksim metro cat really doesn’t care about you.

Credit: Facebook / Brandon Thompson

The video has been viewed by over 1 million people on Facebook as it demonstrates how calm the cat is even while she lays in the path of a continuous stream of commuters.


Credit: Anadolu Kedisi

It turns out the cat is actually a very familiar face in this metro station as she has been living there for the past three years. The cat is known as the “Taksim Metro Cat”.

Feral cats are a common site on Turkey’s streets. These are well respected by the residents who don’t dare disturb them, particularly during “cat nap”. It is obvious this popular Metro cat does not have a fear of people.


Credit: Instagram / @valentinaincikedis

The popular feline receives food from shop owners on a daily basis. The cat appears to believe she owns Istanbul metro station as she saunters through the legs of commuters, looking for a nice place to nap.


Credit: Instagram / @valentinaincikedis

Her favorite places to sleep include elevators and escalator landing pads.

Enjoy these beautiful pictures of the Taksim Metro Cat taking over the metro station. There is no doubt the cat owns this busy metro station.


Credit: Twitter / @WJ_ Armstrong

Kitty reminds you to stay BEHIND the yellow line. She may not get out of your way when you’re trying to get off the escalator, but she does care about your safety!


Credit: Instagram / @catsofcihangir

Like any other kitty, if she wants to sit, she will sit. Like a rock in a river, the people will change their course to go around her and that’s just how it works at this station.


Credit: themindcircle

Sometimes, metro kitty likes to switch it up and sleep higher up to watch over her metro kingdom. The bustle lulls her to sleep.

I wish our city had a metro kitty!