10 Photos That Prove Barbie’s The Ultimate Pet Mom!

Barbie can do it all: career, love, BFFs, and still be a doting pet mama!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @barbiestyle

I watched an episodic documentary on Netflix the other day called The Toys That Made Us.  Out of curiosity, I picked the Barbie episode. I didn’t really play with Barbie when I growing up because I wasn’t sure what to do with her and I kept losing her shoes! I didn’t hate Barbie, though. Some people stigmatize Barbie as the pinnacle of gender stereotypes and perpetuator of negative body image. Perhaps in the past this was true, but the story in the documentary shows Barbie evolving into a toy that encourages children to pretend to be whatever they want to be.

Barbie has mastered all kinds of careers, including becoming an astronaut and a doctor. Her fashion style stays on trend and she has weathered the pressure of all emerging competition (ahem, Bratz).

But my favorite part about Barbie has to be her tiny pets! If you follow her on Instagram, you can’t help but notice her adorable plastic “fur” friends.

Here are some photos to show that because Barbie is good at absolutely everything, of course she’s also amazing at being a pet mom!

10. She’s all about relaxing with her fur babies.


Credit: Instagram / @barbie

Some days after being Barbie, you have to tie your hair back, make a hot drink (with a splash of liquor maybe), and chill by the fireplace with your kitty and pup. Sometimes the best company purrs quietly by your side and curls up by your feet!

9. She knows how to “relax” for Instagram.


Credit: Instagram / @barbie

Let’s face it, sometimes we have to arrange and pose a photo “just so” for the benefits of Instagram fans. This includes looking “comfortably messy” as you can see with Barbie’s fab hair and the perfectly whipped cream. The pup is an extra 10 points for cuteness!

8. She can never have just one.


Credit: Instagram / @barbie

This may not be “Barbie”, but she’s still a Barbie. This girls knows how to chill at home with ALL the pets – including a nosy pug and a bunny. #Win

7. She knows how to spoil her pets.


Credit: Instagram / @barbie

Who else has but Barbie would have this all-in-one play, food, and grooming station?  She is attentive and nurturing, ready to groom away any and all pet stress.

6. She brings them on vacation!


Credit: Instagram / @barbie

It can be challenging for pet parents to travel with their fur babies, especially if they’re not travel sized. Barbie manages this with ease, jetting to sunny locales with her sister Kelly and one of her many pups.

5. She brings them on dates!


Credit: Instagram / @barbie

It’s one thing to bring your pet with you on vacation, it’s another to let your pet follow you around you on a date while you’re on vacation! Barbie is making sure Ken is aware of her priorities – her pup!

4. She’s proud to be a cat lady.


Credit: Instagram / @barbie

Forget the stigma about being a “crazy” cat lady – Barbie loves her kitties and is proud to be a cat mom. There are, however, never enough hands to pet them all!

3. She keeps them with her when she’s hanging out with friends.


Credit: Instagram / @barbie

The best of times with your friends is when you can just chill at home, have a fancy drink, and catch up, all while petting a kitty. Talk about Zen!

2. She’s a professional pet groomer.


Credit: Instagram / @barbie

Barbie’s success knows no boundaries! Besides having hundreds of other careers, Barbie knows how to clean a pooch, groom a pooch, and love a pooch! Barbie friends will get the best smelling plastic pup to snuggle with!

1. She has a unicorn!


Credit: Instagram / @barbie

Here comes the “hard to duplicate” Instagram photo – having a unicorn. But since playing with Barbie expands the imagination, she can do anything you want her to! This includes becoming a princess with a unicorn, living the dream in Dreamtopia!


Credit: Instagram / @barbiestyle

Of course we know Barbie’s perfect because she’s a doll and doesn’t actually have to deal with the early morning walks, messy accidents, and pooping and scooping. She does, however, have fabulous dog walking outfits.

Love her or hate her, she’s doing exceptionally well after 58 years on this planet!